Defining Yourself As A Teacher

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He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away.  ~Raymond Hull

Some of us are pink flowers, some blue, some yellow, some orange or red, and some purple, and what a beautiful garden it is. The problem comes when we try to be rainbow flowers and encompass the whole garden ourselves in our efforts to be all colors to all people. We can end up exhausted and empty.

You may know Diane Hidy from the Piano Town method books which she co-authored with Keith Snell, or from her many other compositions. You really should also get to know her from her facebook page, Diane Hidy’s Piano Teaching Tips. She wrote a super post there recently:

Forge a relationship with nearby teachers whose skills complement your own.

If you teach beginners, connect with someone who teaches advanced students. If you are that teacher, reach out to a colleague who does a great job with beginners. We all have different strengths.

For example, I enjoy a symbiotic relationship with Lee, a fine local jazz teacher. I send him many students in their early teens who want to try jazz.

My colleague, Kara, teaches in students’ homes. I prefer to work at my studio. We trade students all the time.

Even in hard economic times, accept only the students you know will be best served by you. It benefits everyone.

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