Thoughts On Marking In Student Scores

I have a colleague who does not put markings on her students’ scores. She wants them to notice dynamics, etc. without marking. She’s very successful with her approach, and it’s gotten me thinking about whether I’m making my students dependent on me. I mark a lot! So, I’ve developed a new approach that works for me. See what you think.

I just can’t join the pristine page club. I mark my own music all the time. So, I am now having the student always mark their own music. Having them mark for themselves encourages them to own the problem themselves. I do insist that they use pencil, not pen or marker.

I’m also now making it a point to communicate overtly what the ultimate goal is — that they see the expression marks without needing to highlight them. This is a principle of teaching that I find so helpful in general. Always make sure the student understands what the ultimate expectation is. They need to know before beginning the learning process what success looks and sounds like.

What are your thoughts about marking students’ scores?

5 thoughts on “Thoughts On Marking In Student Scores”

  1. I LOVE the idea of invisible marking!!! I will try that!
    I once heard a teacher say that students don't always KNOW that the book is theirs! So, I tell students that the book is theirs to do with as they choose. They have my "permission" to write in it, because it's not my book.

  2. I like having the students do the marking too (See my Hand Over the Pencil blog post), especially for analysis before playing a piece, instead of as "band aid" for mistakes. But I like your idea of gradually weaning them off it in certain instances.

  3. It's a great idea to let the students contribute to the process of teaching and learning. This shift of teaching technique is catching on which is a good thing for the future of learning to play the piano.

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