Happy New Year! Free Terms & Symbols Flashcards

I don’t know about you, but I’m super happy about celebrating the arrival of 2021! It just has to be a better year than 2020, right? I even had some Happy New Year cards printed this year and mailed them instead of Christmas cards. Unfortunately, we lost our big dog, Bella, to cancer shortly after this photo was taken. We were so glad to give her one last trip to the beach, so there are very good memories attached to the picture. Our beagle Mollie has stepped up to take Bella’s place as the Lowe Studio piano dog, and our kitty Max (not pictured) sometimes drops in to listen, too.

As a Happy New Year gift to my readers, I’m giving away some free flashcards! 

In spite of the fact that I’m using more digital resources than ever before, I don’t think I’ll ever give up on good, old-fashioned flashcards. They’re infinitely customizable. Work on 2 at a time, become a master at those 2, add 2 more. Want to work on just notes and rests? Take those out of the stack and focus on them. Don’t want to waste time reviewing stuff you already know? Take the easy ones out of the stack and work only on the tricky ones. 

Make two sets and use them to play a memory game like concentration. (Instructions here) Spread a few out on a table and swat them with a fly swatter when the teacher calls out the definition. Use them as the question cards for a racetrack game. Time yourself as you match question to answer cards, and try to beat your time on subsequent rounds. There’s no end to how you can use flashcards. You can even study solo with them. 

I haven’t purchased flashcards for students or had them purchase any for many years now. Almost every kind of card I need is available for free online somewhere so I just print them off and give them to students. The one thing I haven’t easily found online has been flashcards for terms and symbols. So, sometime in the past, I made a set that is appropriate for students in Faber Primer – Level 1 or Alfred Premiere 1a – 1b. 

These were made using an Avery template 28877 for business cards which will print on both front and back. If you want to go the easy but more expensive route, you can purchase the Avery cards and print on those. If you’re like me and you want the cheaper option, print them on cardstock and cut them out. If your printer will print double-sided copies, set it to flip on the long side. 

The first set does not have cutting guide lines. Use this one if you’re printing on business cards. The second set is the same but with cutting guide lines. Use this one if you’re printing on cardstock. Enjoy!

Click here for the first set, or click on the popout thing in the top right below.

Click here for the set with cutting guides or click on the popout thing in the top right below.

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