The Monday Car Jams Series

I love recommending music for my piano students to listen to! Whether it’s introducing a theatre kid to Gilbert and Sullivan or a starry-eyed teen to Debussy’s La Mer, I love helping them find pieces that resonate with them that they may not have encountered in their everyday lives. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen my Monday series called #MondayCarJams.

We’re all super busy, driving from one activity to another. Monday Car Jams give you an opportunity to use some of your car time to discover new music! I try to incorporate some traditional classical music, some new classical music written by living composers, jazz, seasonal music, and music that relates to famous figures or historic events. Sometimes, I just pick a piece that’s a favorite of mine, but whatever the piece, I give some interesting information that will, hopefully, spark yours and your child’s interest.

To encourage them to listen, you might ask:

What pictures does this music bring to mind? What colors? What moods?

If this were the music for a movie, what would be happening?

How does this music make you want to move?

All of the Monday Car Jams posts have a link in my Instagram bio that will take you to Spotify where you can listen. I hope you’ll follow me on Instagram where I’m @LowePianoStudio, or just follow the #MondayCarJams hashtag!

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