How I’m Using PlayScore 2 In My Studio

I was contacted recently by the folks behind the PlayScore 2 app to see if I’d be interested in writing a review. At the time, I was feeling overwhelmed with Christmas preparations and put them off, but I’m thankful that they followed up with me again, because I’m really finding this app useful in my studio and also for my own personal use as an accompanist.

Find PlayScore 2 on the App store or the Google Play Store. Watch a great review and tutorial by Music Repo here. One of my favorite ways to use PlayScore 2 in the studio is for score review with my beginners. I have it play a piece while the student calls out some information about what is happening in the score, such as which hand is playing, whether the melody is traveling higher or lower, whether the melody is stepping or skipping or staying the same, whether the notes should be loud or soft, legato or staccato, and so on. Because the music is playing, the student has to process the information in real time. It’s also been a helpful tool for students working on ensemble pieces. Let me know if you have a unique way to use PlayScore 2 in your studio!

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