New Studio Mascot

I think that all of my students were sad last January when our sweet Mollie was no longer waiting on them for their piano lessons. Mollie was the best beagle piano student ever! They’ll be happy when school starts to discover that we have a new studio friend – Mr. Bean! Mr. Bean was found …

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Free Piano Lesson!

I’m giving away a FREE PIANO LESSON for absolute beginners! Your child can learn to play The Pop Song for Piano and Pop-It Toy, no previous experience required! They’ll also learn how to create their own pop song. If you download the free lesson and share a video with me of your child playing either …

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Finger Numbers, Counting Numbers, Measure Numbers, Oh My!

Young beginners in my studio often get confused about all the different ways we use numbers on the score. We use finger numbers, we write in counts for the rhythm, we have measure numbers, and we have time signatures. Then there are interval numbers, note value numbers, and so on! I like to show students …

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