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Piano Rookies

Four-day pre-piano class appropriate for K-3rd grade with parental supervision.

There is no homework, although I’d love to have you submit photos and videos of students doing the activities and crafts! I’ll respond with encouragement!

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Purchase the streaming course, print the associated documents, gather a few easy supplies, watch the videos, follow the directions, and have fun!

  • A device, preferably a tablet, laptop, or computer, on which to watch the videos. The bigger the screen, the better as some clips have picture in picture or a divided screen.
  • A printer to print the handouts.
  • A piano, digital piano, or keyboard. I’m not picky about the instrument for Piano Rookies, but if you decide to continue with Piano Apprentice, you’ll need a full-sized 88-key instrument with weighted keys, touch sensitivity, and a damper pedal. (Sustain pedal)
  • Crayons, paper, and a few other easy to find supplies for crafts.

I planned the course with 1st and 2nd graders in mind. Depending on your child, a kindergartner may enjoy it.

There is no book to purchase for Piano Rookies.

Each module centers on a musical opposite. Mod 1 is all about high and low (pitch). Mod 2 is about loud and soft (dynamics). Mod 3 concerns short and long (rhythm). Mod 4 addresses the black and white key patterns on the keyboard as well as night and day moods.

Each module builds on the one before, and each module includes music and movement, improvisation at the piano, activities that introduce early levels of music notation, information about a famous composer, and a craft.

There are 5 videos in each module, and the total time adds up to approximately 40-45 minutes of video for each day. However, your child will spend additional time completing the various activities. They may want to repeat the activities for fun!

No. Piano Rookies provides a musical foundation for young students who have never studied an instrument before and can be used as a fun learning opportunity during spring break, on weekends, as a once-a-week class for a month of classes, or a summer enrichment program.

However, it is NOT a requirement before starting Piano Apprentices.

Piano Rookies offers an excellent way to instill the habit of routine music making while also providing a foundation in fundamental concepts.

The adult piano partner needs no musical knowledge or skill! Young students will need help getting the videos playing, of course, and gathering the necessary materials. It will certainly help if the adult follows along to offer guidance.

No. Piano Rookies is all about learning through play. However, students are welcome to send me videos and/or pictures of their accomplishments through the platform!

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