How do our programs work?

This is the most convenient way possible to learn piano!

Our programs are structured to fit with your family, school and extra-curricular needs, while focusing on creating music.

Each week, students watch the corresponding video, interact with supplemental course material and follow a guided practice. 

Note: Students in Piano Apprentices who are in K, 1st and 2nd grade will need a piano partner to watch the videos with them and supervise practice during the week. This is a steadfast rule, spanning my years of in studio/live teaching. Young students do best with supervision. Piano partners can be a parent, a grandparent, or an older sibling.

Students should feel free to reach out to the teacher via integrated chat function and/or email.

Note: Specific method books will be required for some of the programs. These are to be purchased separately.

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Timeline for Online Programs

  • Piano Rookies
    Available Now

    A 4-day mini course for pre-pianists. This course is most appropriate for absolute beginners who are rising 1st or 2nd graders. 

  • Piano Apprentices
    Available Now

    A 16-week course for beginning piano students. This course is age-appropriate for 2nd or 3rd graders and accessible for 1st graders with adult help and a slower pace. 

  • I Want To Play Chords!
    (December 2021)

    A 6-week course for students who have completed piano study corresponding to approximately level 2A in the Alfred Premiere or Faber Piano Adventures. Learn the basics of chords, chord progressions, and compose your own music!

  • Piano Padawans

    This is the continuation of the Piano Apprentices course and corresponds to level 1B of the method series. Students should have completed either the Alfred Premiere 1A or a similar Primer-level method book. I can help you assess whether your student is ready for this course if you are transferring from another program.

  • Piano Knights

    Level 2A

  • Piano Specialist

    Level 2B

  • Piano Master

    Level 3

  • Piano Ambassador

    Beginning Classical Study